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  • Back-Glass Restoration

    Back-glass artwork restored The back-glass of this Genco Rifle Gallery had faded and was peeling off due to the heat generated by the mini lamps that illuminate the artwork from behind. This is a very common problem! With no replacement available, I restored and enhanced the artwork myself and had it printed on new glass. [...]
  • 1950s Shuffle Bowler Restoration

    This little shuffle bowler was built in the early 50s and has seen plenty of wear and play over the years. Now, with all new paint and graphics, it’s looking like new. The instructions printed directly back onto the ally-way are screened right onto the veneer,  just like original. No cheap raised vinyl stickers! Everything [...]
  • It was nearly in pieces!

    It was nearly in pieces! “Dan just finished restoring our 1946 Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox. It was nearly in pieces when we brought it to him. We thought it may have been beyond salvaging. But he restored it to like-new condition. He did a fabulous job.” —Barbara Jean Mary This neglected and battered unit was rescued [...]