New Video Games

We are offering brand new Bartop Arcade models with a Raspberry Pi operating system and over 8,000 Games! You can get these in either a Deluxe or Standard style cabinet. The Deluxe features a 22in monitor with USB inputs that support any USB Controller (A 5 USB Classic Controller Pack is included with purchase of the Deluxe Bartop!!!!). There is also an HDMI out for using an external Monitor or Television. The Standard Model features the Exact same Games in a 19in monitor package. The smaller form factor of these two Bartop Arcade makes it easy to store away and bring out for your Retro Gaming Parties!

These Custom Bartop Arcades come with a 90 day replacement part warranty and are available to order in Store or Online with the Following Link:

There is a 2 week build period for every order. Get in line and place your order TODAY!

Our video games are custom-built for us!

Additionally we offer a variety of Multicades built to a commercial standard using quality reliable electronics, commercial-grade monitors and buttons, and sturdy (cabinet shop quality) cabinets. We offer a stand-up model with 416 classic games (also available with trackball). Sit down “cocktail” models with either 416 games or 1162 games.

We also carry a (Low boy) stand up that hooks to your large format LED television with a whopping 1900+ Games.

Contact store for details and availability.