Out Calls Service and Repairs

Vintage Gameroom Repairs is one of the few companies left in the country that does “Out Calls.”

Because these beautiful machines are most often located in peoples’ basements and are very heavy to move, Out Calls to your home make sense.

My service area is within a one hour radius from Newport, MN 55055. Out-charges are billed at a minimum of two hours at $100 per hour. However, I do have a very successful completion rate!

PLEASE NOTE: Since it’s impossible for me to have all the parts and tools necessary to complete every type of on-site repair.  This is why I restrict travel services to local calls only. Sometimes it is necessary to make more than one trip to complete a project.  When you call to make an appointment ((Please know what machine you have make and model)) The equipment type and model information can usually be found on a tag on the back of the machine.

Please remove all clutter from around the machine and put down a rug or old hand towel – this would be very helpful.

Thank you!