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4000 Classic Arcade Games Games

Large 32″ Monitor  – LED Backlit Marquee – Professionally built cabinet – Heavy Duty Joystick and buttons.  $2,395.00 + Tax


multi-cade arcade machine





New 60 in 1 Arcade “Cocktail Model”

JUST $1,395.00

60 of your favorite games like pack-man and many more!




New build 699 Game muli-cade $2,195.00 +Tax


Our video games are custom-built for us!

we offer Multicades built to a commercial standard using quality reliable electronics, commercial-grade monitors and buttons, and sturdy (cabinet shop quality) cabinets. ( available with trackball). Handy outside mounted volume control and unlock able button assembly. LED marquee and temped glass over LCD monitor.


Contact store for details and availability.