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1162 Classic arcade games in one!

Gently used 2 years old – on Consignment

Grandparents bought it for the grand kids and then moved away so very little use.

This classic cocktail game offers 1162 games and a tilt top

professionally built cabinet sporting a 24″ LCD Monitor. Better quality build with replaceable micro switch buttons and a real glass top

external volume control and a removable caster base.

Marked down from $1,500.00 to JUST $ 1,295.00



MONSTER BASH (Chicago Gaming) 2018

Notable Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (8), Spinning target (1), Scoop (1), Autoplunger. Frankenstein pivots on operating table. Dracula moves back and forth on playfield. Hitting targets activate the ‘Phantom Flip” feature so when the ball enters a flipper inlane, game-controlled flipper action flips the ball.
Toys: Figurines of Frankenstein, Mummy and sarcophagus, Bride of Frankenstein, Mad professor, Creature from the Black Lagoon (under playfield), Dracula in Coffin, Ogre with ball and chain.

Beautiful condition  $12,095.00



AC/DC By Stern  2012

Home Use Only — Vault Premium Edition


Shoot to thrill, Money Talks, Long Way to the Top, Girls got rhythm, Dirty deeds, and shoot to thrill added to playlist    – substituted. Music tracks can be changed back to original.

Extra Mini play glass – Carrot Flipper (originals included)

Extra band members included.

AC/DC Custom Cup Holder

LOW PLAYS Condition 10/10                  $12,095.00





Indianapolis 500 by Bally 1995 / 4 Players

Home Use Only

Theme: Sports – Auto Racing
Notable Features:

Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Multi-ball, Auto-plunger, digital game in DMD. Unlimited buy-in balls per player (operator option).

Rear Game Still Modern Day classic used in many tournaments because it is such a great shooting game to play and easy to understand the rules. Mint Playfield game is pristine collector’s condition.






Gottlieb “CUE BALL WIZARD”  1992

Notable Features: Flippers (2), Slingshots (4), 7-bank drop targets (2), Standup targets (21), Kick-out holes (3), Captive balls (2), Kick-target (1), 2-ball and 3-ball Multiball. Two video modes. Oscillating captive ball kicker on elevated mini-playfield. Full-sized captive cue ball on lower playfield. Two standup targets are elevated and can only be hit by the captive cue ball. This cue ball can be removed from play as an operator option.

LED upgrade all professionally serviced.








Notable Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Ramps (2), Kick-out holes (2), Ball cannon (1), Video mode, Left outlane kickback, Autoplunger. Vertical Up-kicker under skull kicks the ball through a habitrail to the cannon on the right side of the playfield. Cannon then oscillates allowing player to aim for any of five targets on left side of playfield. Pulling trigger on shooter gun fires cannon.









THREE GAMES IN ONE “Pedestal Arcade machine”





Seeburg Home Unit $995.00

Plays (50) (12″)  33 1/3 RPM records programmable selection plays one entire side of any LP the sound is great.

Also has AUX in and Playback. Aux speaker outs – AM – FM Radio Tuner all encased in a rich dark mahogany cabinet with built in speakers.



45 RPM records – checked for abrasions – cleaned & sleeved $2.50 Each





selling coin op equipment comparatively inexpensive here’s why:

I want to keep the showroom fresh. I want my consignment people to have a closed sale in a timely matter.  I invite you to try equipment to inspect how it works.  I have been a part of the coin- operated equipment repair business since 1974 with dedication for this innovative equipment to survive. That fact is, coin-op manufacturers  stipulated a practical work life of just 24 to 60 months. Now, tens of thousands of units live on in homes for many decades past there practical “commercial” expected work life.  If you are diligent about Keeping up with proper regular servicing, many machines continue to operate today.  I carefully go through machines. I do not intentionally sell problem machines.  It is not in my best interest to sell a problem machine off, I do not people to be unhappy. The fact is, just like any used mechanical machine (Just like a 50 year old car) it will someday fail. This is why I cannot “guaranty” what can easily be described as a mechanical artifact and the prices reflect this. Sales are ASIS – Final.